Why Commercial Skip Hire is Important in a Commercial Construction Project?

Even a minute renovation in the business premises or a huge domestic DIY project can be a huge strain. The time, money, and energy involved in the renovation task is likely to take a toll on the peace of mind of the property owners. To accommodate the waste gathered in the renovation tasks, a property owner can hire a skip. Whether it is the revamping of an area of a house, completing construction work, clearing out an office or renovating the garden, skip hire is the best choice.

Let us take a look at the skip sizes and understand which size can be used to serve which skip service:

3 Cubic Yard Skip

It is the smallest size of a skip that can be used to dispose of minor domestic DIY or green waste such as those accumulated from a gardening project.

6 Cubic Yard Skip

It is also known as ‘builder’s skip’. Wastes of up to 60 large filled bins to bulky wastes, it can dispose of a huge amount of waste.

8 Cubic Yard Skip

This skip size can hold up to 8 tonnes of waste (equivalent to 80 bin bags) that include heavy garbage such as sand, soil, slabs, cement, rubble, household & garden waste.

10 Cubic Yard Skip

Hire this skip size to clean building sites, demolition sites, and industrial premises. This size also works well for larger domestic projects. 

Commercial Skips

From 10 Cubic Yard to 16 Cubic Yard, Skips are known as commercial skips. These skips can remove a large amount of waste. The size is equivalent to 100 to 160 bin bags. These sizes are also called Roll on Roll off skip size. These skips are designed to hold more than the regular skips and are built keeping in mind the commercial needs.

Hiring a bigger size makes waste management easier. Removing the garbage quickly will make the construction site less cluttered. Quick waste disposal improves the productivity of the workers and reduces the carbon footprint as well. The efficient waste collection service is also cost-effective.

Paint, chemical, asbestos, pesticides, batteries, huge appliances – everything can be put in a commercial skip.

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